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Letter 51

Oleksandr, 13 y.o

Good day, Santa! I am Oleksandr Salnikov. I am an orphan, I am under guardianship. I like to play football. Dream about a soccer ball. I dream that my dream will come true.

Letter 52

Andij, 11 y.o.

Good day, Santa! I am Andriy Salnikov. I am an orphan and in care. I dream of an easel. I hope my dream will come true.

Letter 53

Rostyslav, 15 y.o.

Good day, Santa! I am Shibanov Rostyslav, I am 15 years old, I live in the village of Hryhorivka. I really like computer games. I am currently learning a programming language for game development. I dream of becoming a programmer. Santa, give me a tablet. I also need it for studying. If it is not possible to give me a tablet, then give me sets for beading, but I did not draw about it. Happy holiday to you!

Letter 54

Danylo, 15 y.o.

Good day, Santa! I am Danylo Shibanov, I live in the village of Hryhorivka, I am 15 years old. I have no mother and father. This year, I want to get a soccer ball for the holiday so that I can learn how to play soccer perfectly. I hope for you! Happy holiday to you!

Letter 55

Dima,  10 y.o.

Dear Santa, My name is Dima, and I am 10 years old. I have tried to be good this year! For Christmas, I would really like to get a game console and headphones. Thank you!

Letter 56

Ivan, 13 y.o.

Good afternoon, Dear Santa! My name is Ivan Kozyavin, I am 13 years old. I study in the 7th grade at the Dzherelo gymnasium in Komyshuvakha. I have good and high grades. I always do my best to prepare my homework. First of all, to make my grandmother happy. After all, she is the one who raised me and my older brother Valeriy. Our mother died when we were very young. I am always polite, respectful of adults, and help my grandmother with the housework. But she can't buy us everything we want. My brother and I love to play sports. Unfortunately, now we live in a war zone, and so we cannot attend sports clubs. Our biggest hobbies are football and boxing. So I'm asking you, Dear Santa, to give us a soccer ball and a punching bag with gloves. I promise to become strong, athletic, and agile. Thank you! Glory to Ukraine. P.S.: we love candy too)

Letter 57


Santa, I want the war to end and people not to suffer. All the best. And for myself, I want a chocolate bar.

Letter 58

 Oksana, 12 y.o.

Santa, I want the war to end and peace to come. And I also want Milka chocolate, Bounty and Nutella.

Letter 59

Rodion, 12 y.o.

Good day. My name is Rodion, I am 12 years old. My dream is small. I want an orbizgan. This is a machine gun that shoots orbs, it is small. I plan my life like this: as I study at school, I want to go somewhere to study, to some institute. After the institute, I want to earn money and start my own family. My dreams are as follows: I want an orbizgan and I want a PC - this is such a computer. And that's it, nothing more. I have everything! I live well! I have everything I want!

Letter 60

Polina,  14 y.o.

Dear Santa! I really want to ask you that the war in our country ends soon and everyone lives happily and meets their relatives! For myself, I wanted to ask for a phone for classes, because mine is very old. We are unable to buy a new phone. But I will be grateful for any gift you give me. Thank you very much! From Polina's

Letter 61

Artem, 10 y.o.

Hello, Santa! My name is Artem. I'm 10 years old. I like to dream. One of my dreams is to receive a Pokemon toy for the holiday.

Letter 62

 Vadym, 9 y.o

Dear Santa, My name is Vadym, and I am 9 years old. I have tried to be good this year! For Christmas, I really want a Screechers Wild Bulky Capricorn transforming car Thank you!

Letter 63

 Angelina, 12 y.o.

Dear Santa, My name is Angelina, and I am 12 years old. I have tried to be good this year! For Christmas, I really want the LOL Surprise Tweens Play Set with Hoops Cutie doll. Thank you!

Letter 64

Nikita, 7 y.o.

Dear Santa, My name is Nikita, and I am 7 years old. I have tried to be good this year! For Christmas, I really want to get a robot on the control panel and sweets. Thank you!

Letter 65

Oleg,  13 y.o.

Dear Santa, My name is Oleh, and I am 13 years old. I have tried to be good this year! For Christmas, I really want to get a remote-controlled car, a toy machine, a soccer ball, and sweets. Thank you!

Letter 66

Zhenya, 9 y.o.

My name is Zhenya, I'm a boy, I lived in Gulyaypol, because of the war my family and I had to go abroad to Poland, I lived there for a year and a half. Then I moved to Vilnyansk, where we rent a house, and I made friends. I like America, it is beautiful and very wonderful, I would like to go to America, but because of the war I cannot go there. I promise myself that when I grow up I will go to America. My name is Zhenya, I am 9 years old, I have a brother Kolya, who is 15 years old, and I have 4 sisters: Natasha, Dasha, Nastya, and Sasha. Natasha is 24 years old, Dasha is 19 years old, Nastya is 16 years old, and Sasha is 12 years old. I also have a grandmother, she is 71 years old, and I love her very much.

Letter 67

 Oleksandra, 12 y.o

My name is Sasha, I am a girl. I'm 12 years old. My birthday is March 1. I came from my hometown Gulyaipol and visited Poland. And when I heard about America in English class, I was interested and would like to visit there.

Letter 68

 Dmytro, 11 y.o.

Good afternoon, dear Santa. My name is Dmytro Karpuk. I live in Ukraine in the city of Vilniansk. I love my city. It is very beautiful, but war has come to our country. Rockets fly over the city. I would like to ask you for a weapon to help stop this war. And for myself, I want to ask for a Spider-Man suit or at least his figure. Thank you very much!

Letter 69

Polina, 13 y.o.

My name is Polina Kovalenko. I am 13 years old. We are currently going through a difficult time for Ukraine. There is a war in our country, people and children are dying, entire cities are being destroyed. At this time, everyone must contribute to our victory. My sisters and I are trying our best to do something for this. My mother and I prepare food for our defenders so that they can enjoy delicious food and gain strength after hard work. But I would personally like to do something useful for the sake of victory. I study at a music school and from time to time I perform at concerts where our soldiers are present. I see how they enjoy our songs and performances. I would like to bring more pleasure to both soldiers and people. I could speak myself before those who are in our area. It is possible to collect funds for the needs of the Armed Forces. For this I need a rechargeable speaker with a microphone. If it is possible, please give me such a speaker with a microphone. Thank you. Polina

Letter 70

Stanislav,  16 y.o.

Dear Santa! My name is Stanislav, I am 16 years old. Now I am studying in the final class and already in May I have to take the exams. Knowing our electricity situation in the country, I am very concerned about the quality of my training and education in general. Therefore, it would be very important for me to have a device that allows me to study without interruption.

Letter 71

Anya, 13 y.o.

Good day! My name is Anya, I am 13 years old, I will soon turn 14. I have a sister and two brothers. We have a big family, as many as 6 people. When this damn war started, we left for Estonia. First, we were accommodated in a hotel, then transferred to a ferry. We lived there for three months. There were many friends, it was fun. Then we rented an apartment, went to school. Now I miss my friends, since we decided to go to Ukraine. Unfortunately, hostilities are going on now, it's loud, but we're holding on. Everything will be Ukraine! We live in the Zaporozhye region, the city of Vilniansk. Currently, we do not go to school, lessons are held online. But I would really like to communicate with classmates. I really want Mykolaichyk to give me a double-sided "Tandjiro and Nezuko Demon Slashing Blade" hugging pillow. The size of which I would really like is 50 by 170 cm. I would also like a ring from PANDORA "Asymmetric Stars", size 15. Thank you for listening to me!

Letter 72

 Oleksii, 8 y.o

Good day! My name is Oleksii. I am 8 years old, I study in the 3rd grade. I have two sisters and a younger brother Marik, who is 5 years old. The sisters' names are Arina and Anyuta. I love my family very much. My father's name is Oleksiy, like me, my mother's name is Alyona. They are decent people. Our family lives in the city of Vilniansk. We do not have an occupied territory, but hostilities are taking place not far away. Sometimes it's loud, but we hold on. Everything will be fine. Glory to Ukraine! I really want Mykolaychyk to give me a guitar. I really want to learn to play. I would also like a Hot Wheels set. Thank you!

Letter 73

 Danil, 13 y.o

Good afternoon! My name is Danil. I want to tell you about my life in Ukraine. I live well in Ukraine, I have many friends, and when our Ukrainian songs are played in Vilnyansk, I feel very good, my homeland is my home. I'm sorry for what they did to our Ukraine, my homeland. everyone wants the war to end. We pray for the people who are fighting and who have been killed by the Russian occupiers. I know the war will end soon, I want Ukraine to be free and strong. I also like our food, songs, language and embroidered shirts. I would really like a sweatshirt like the one in the picture, size XL.

Letter 74

Denis, 13 y.o.

Good day. My name is Denis. I like living in Ukraine. I have many friends with whom we play after school. My friends and I want the war to end. Our Ukraine is very beautiful and powerful. I have a sister, she is 14 years old. I also have a brother, he is 12 years old. My family and I pray for peace in the whole world. I really dream of an electric scooter. Goodbye, from Ukraine.

Letter 75

Oleksandr,  7 y.o.

Dear Santa, My name is Oleksandr, and I am 7 years old. I have tried to be good this year! I really want to get a remote control racing car for Christmas. Thank you!

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