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Letter 201

Mark, 9 y.o

Santa, I would like to get a stunt scooter.

Letter 202

Karina, 9 y.o.

I would like a mobile phone. Kryvenchenko Karina, 9 years old.

Letter 203

Kira, 10 y.o.

Santa! I have been dreaming about a bicycle for a long time. Please. Thank you

Letter 204

Mykhailo, 10 y.o.

My name is Mykhailo Ivanov. I want a computer desk and peace on earth. Thanks in advance to Santa.

Letter 205

Arina, 6 y.o.

Santa! I dream of rollerblades and a doll LOL.

Letter 206

Valeria, 11 y.o.

Valeriia Ivanova. I want St Nicholas to give me wireless headphones. TWS Oppo Enko Bud 2 (W14) White.

Letter 207

 Danylo, 12 y.o

Ivanov Danil. I want Dear Santa to give me a power bank with a flashlight of 60,000 for a router, tablet, laptop.

Letter 208

Vjacheslav, 10 y.o.

Santa, make my dream come true - give me a scooter.

Letter 209

Danylo, 9 y.o.

Santa, please give me a big cat like this. Daniil Makeev, 9 years old.

Letter 210

Timur, 7 y.o.

A letter to St Nicholas. "Give us peace, give my mother health, and give me real optical binoculars and a rifle. Timur, 7 years old, is writing to you.

Letter 211

Maria, 9 y.o.

Teslya Maria. 9 years old. I dream of an armchair.

Letter 212

 Anastasia, 11 y.o

My name is Nastya Pavlenko, I'm 11 years old, soon I'll be 12. I would like an apple watch, and if not, then airpods.

Letter 213

Viktoria, 13 y.o.

I ask Santa to give me a blender and headphones.

Letter 214

Margarita, 8 y.o.

Margarita Stetsenko, 8 years old. A Lego set for a girl with a house and dolls (according to age).

Letter 215

Myroslava, 6 y.o.

Myroslava Stetsenko, 6 years old. A bicycle for a girl of her age.

Letter 216

Anastasia, 15 y.o.

Lebyd Anastasia, 15 years old. Growth pillow Dakimakura with a cat.

Letter 217

 Oleksiy, 12 y.o

My name is Alexey Lebed, I'm 12 years old, I really want the Beyblade B-174 set.

Letter 218

Margaryta, 11 y.o.

St Nicholas, I dream of a Puma suit and lots of sweets. I am 152 cm tall and weigh 33 kg.

Letter 219

Alexandra, 14 y.o.

I am Kravchenko Alexandra Alexandrovna, I love listening to classical music! I've always seen characters in films listening to classical music on a record player - that's when I really wanted one, and it turned into a dream. So I would really like to receive a record player and some records as a gift so that I can enjoy the music.

Letter 220

Slavik, 8 y.o.

Wishes to Dear Santa from Slavik Dementiyev from the 2nd grade. Santa, we ask for peace. And I also want to be a banker, but I don't have a cash register.

Letter 221

David, 8 y.o.

Dear Santa, My name is David, and I am 8 years old. I have tried to be good this year! Some things I would love for Christmas this year are candies and toys. Thank you!

Letter 222

 Kseniia, 11 y.o

Dear Santa, My name is Kseniia, and I am 11 years old. I have tried to be good this year! I would like to receive rollers (size 42) and sweets for Christmas this year. Thank you!

Letter 223

Viktoriia, 5 y.o.

Dear Santa, My name is Viktoriia, and I am 5 years old. I have tried to be good this year! I would like to get a toy robot dog and sweets for Christmas this year. Thank you!

Letter 224

Evgeniya, 16 y.o.

Makeeva Evgeniya, a bag with a wallet, the bag itself can be just black, the wallet too, and sweets.

Letter 225

Nikita, 13 y.o.

Dear Santa, My name is Nikita, and I am 13 years old. I have tried to be good this year! I would like to get a JBL portable speaker and some candy for Christmas this year. Thank you!

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